Wastewater Treatment Plants

Approximately 55% of Cayuga County households discharge their wastewater into a municipally owned wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). These plants are required to remove a certain amount of pollutants before the wastewater is discharged into a receiving body of water such as a stream. Some wastewater treatment plants are able to remove more nitrogen and phosphorus from their discharges than others depending on their equipment and how they treat wastewater.

Operation of these WWTPs is regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The NYSDEC issues permits to WWTPs that specify how much pollutants must be removed before the wastewater is discharged. Improperly operated WWTPs can become a source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

In Cayuga County, there are six municipally owned WWTPs. In addition, there is one WWTP located in Tompkins County that discharges into a stream that flows into Cayuga County.

Municipality                                          NPDES Permit ID

Auburn, City of                                     NY0021903

Aurora, Village of                                 NY0023558

Cayuga and Aurelius Joint WWTP       NY0262102

Groton, Village of                                 NY0025585

Moravia, Village of                               NY0022756

Port Byron, Village of                          NY0020338

Union Springs, Village of                    NY0024228

Weedsport, Village of                         NY0020559

Information regarding these systems can be found by clicking on the system above.

For further questions regarding WWTPS contact the NYSDEC, Region 7 at 315-246-7500.