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We don't always think about it, but things we do around our home can affect our lakes, streams and other natural water bodies. Learn more about what you can do at home to protect our water quality.
Farming activities can affect our lakes, streams and other waters. Many farmers are already taking proactive measures to curb agricultural runoff from the farms they manage.
The essence of upstate life is enjoying a sunny lakeside day in your boat or on the dock. Be aware how your actions can impact water quality.
We all live in a watershed therefore it's everyones job to help keep our watershed safe clean and healthy.
Want to advocate for actions that protect water quality? Want to educate your community members on lake and water concerns? Join your nearest watershed or lake association today.
Be a proactive community member and don’t stand idle if you notice concerning water issues. We have a list of resources for you to reach out to.
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